lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Sa Forcanera School

We are the teacher and the 5th grade students from Sa Forcanera School in Blanes. We are very excited with this project!
We are already writing our letters and decorating the envelopes! Here you have some pictures:

viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

Ignasi Melé i Farré School

Here we are again! Welcome back to our project. This year students from 5th and 6th grade are going to make an exchange with students from SaForcanera School (Blanes). See you later!

martes, 7 de junio de 2016

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

Class 6th A

Today this class has opened the envelopes. While some students were reading the letter some others were trying to guess their partners from the other school. 

5th A

Today we have received the letters. We are very excited!!! Nathalie has given us the letters. We open the letters. We are reading them. We like the letters. We are very happy!!!